6.0.0 Is Now Available

Anthology Finance & HCM

February 2024

What You Should Know

Release Overview

We are excited to share these highlights for the Anthology Finance & HCM 6.0.0 release. Your feedback is invaluable as we build solutions to serve you.

Anthology Inc. continues to improve performance and reliability in the product as described in the Resolutions section of the release notes as applicable.


February 16, 2024 - Anthology Finance & HCM 6.0 available

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Release Highlights

Integration Enhancements

Enhancements to Instructor Entities

  • Inclusion of 'Primary Email' Field in Instructor Entity:

We have included a field, 'Primary Email,' to the 'Instructors' entity in both Data Management Framework (DMF) and Excel Workbook Designer (EWD).

  • Instructor Entity Export Improvement:

    With this update, DMF will now export all fields of the "Instructors" entity to XLS to match functionality available from Excel Workbook designer.

Earning Lines Enhancements

We have made an update to our data systems to accommodate enhanced precision and integration capabilities. The earning line 'Quantity' field will undergo a refinement, increasing its decimal precision from 3 decimals to 5 decimals. Additionally, the 'Amount' field will now be seamlessly transmitted to Payroll for improved financial management.

The following areas have been modified to align with these changes, particularly with Federal Work Study:

  • Earning lines from external systems

  • Get payroll records

  • Commit Import Earnings

  • Send acknowledgment for payroll records

  • Archived Earning lines from external systems

  • Federal work study earning statements

Enhanced Logs for Anthology Payroll batch process

  • Streamlined Exception Messages:

    The batch job now logs clear and user-friendly exception messages for the Pay cycle and Date period dates during execution.

  • Prevent Duplicate Records in Anthology Payroll:

    We have made an enhancement in our latest release, which concentrates on preventing duplicate records within Earnings lines from External Systems. With this update, when an exception message arises for entries sent to Anthology Payroll, the system actively prevents the creation of invalid rows in Anthology Payroll. This empowers users to address those rows within Earnings lines from External Systems before they manifest in Anthology Payroll, thereby effectively eliminating the occurrence of duplicate time entries.

  • Improved Handling for Employees with Overlapping Dates in Worker Positions:

    Now, with our latest update, we have enhanced the synchronization transaction process. In instances where multiple workers are assigned to a position, the system will provide clear exceptions pinpointing the specific employee position assignments requiring corrections.

Time Management

  • Pay Group Selection:

    Users can now leverage the new Pay group filter when utilizing the "Send Timesheets to Payroll" feature. This addition streamlines the process of managing timesheets, providing users with the ability to filter entries based on specific pay groups, ensuring a more organized and error-free payroll processing workflow.

  • Enhanced Validation:

    With this release, an enhancement has been made within Time Management. Now, when Anthology Payroll generates an exception message for a timesheet row selected to be sent to Anthology Payroll, the invalid row will not be created in Anthology Payroll. This allows users to correct those rows within Time Management before showing in Anthology Payroll and thus preventing the occurrence of duplicate time entries.

Usability Improvements

  • New Entity 'Message batch size' for Dynamic Message Size Updates:

    Introducing a new entity, 'Message batch size,' empowering users to specify the number of records sent in a message through DMF.

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