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Anthology Reach

July 2022

What You Should Know

Release Overview

We are excited to share these highlights from the upcoming Spring 2022 release for Anthology Reach. Your feedback and ideas have been invaluable, and our focus continues to be on making your day-to-day work easier, furthering an intuitive and supportive student experience, and shortening your time to value by making implementation and adoption easier.


July 8, 2022 - Summer Release Available

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Release Highlights

Ad Hoc Feedback

  • New channel for collecting information and feedback that can be used by advisors and staff to support students.

  • Instructors can provide their feedback at any time rather than waiting for a pre-planned, scheduled survey.

  • Ad Hoc Feedback can utilize templates in the same way that Campus Surveys do for consistent and manageable results.

Application Updates

  • Save time and clicks by creating application requirements in bulk for more than one record at a time.

  • New ‘waived’ option in the Recommendation Status field for administrators to waive the recommendation record.

  • New option to configure an additional recommendation requirement for an application outside of the application definition details providing greater flexibility.

Lifecycle Stage Auto-Progression

  • Reach can now automatically move the lifecycle stages and update lifecycle status based on an update in a related entity such as application, decision, enrollment, etc. of a student’s path from inquiry to enrollment.

  • Let Reach do the work of tracking each stage and reason at the point progression so that you get a holistic view of a student’s path from inquiry to enrollment.

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