4.1.0 Is Now Available

Forms Builder

April 2022

What You Should Know

Important Updates

  • DocuSign. Functionality is enhanced to use the OAuth 2.0 framework to integrate with DocuSign. To continue working with DocuSign, values will need to be updated in existing and new DocuSign setting fields to implement authorization in the OAuth 2.0 framework.

  • Custom Content. With the introduction of the Custom Content feature, custom files in local file systems and references to files via Themes-Custom are no longer supported. All custom images, videos, styles, scripts, and custom .css files with references to logos, images, videos, etc will need to be uploaded to Custom Content. Files stored in Custom Content can then be referenced globally, dynamically, can be applied to sequences, or referenced at the form level.

  • V1 Activities End of Support. With the releases of Anthology Student 22.X and Forms Builder 4.X, V1 workflow activities will no longer be supported and should be replaced with equivalent V2 activities. However, any workflows created against V1 contracts will still work and will be supported.




April 22, 2022 - Forms Builder 4.1.0 available

Check Service Desk to confirm your upgrade window.



About Forms Builder 4.1

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Release Overview

  • DocuSign - OAuth 2.0 Authentication. Functionality is enhanced to use the OAuth 2.0 framework to integrate with DocuSign.

  • Tag Name - New DocuSign Control Property. The DocuSign component includes Tag Name, a new control property that applies to the following fields: Checkbox, Date, Email, Numbers, Ssn and Text.

  • Returning Form Data and Attached Files. A new activity GetDocuSignRecipientFormData, enables form data to be returned, i.e., the list of values typed by each signer in the signed document along with the tag name of the DocuSign component. In addition, the GetSignedDocument activity includes the following new properties that enable attached files to also be returned with the signed document: DocuSignDocumentList, ReturnList.

  • Customizing forms using custom content. Uploading custom content will now be the only method to reference files used for customizing forms. Custom Bootstrap and Kendo themes used previously in the Sequence Designer will no longer be available.

  • Applying Styles Globally. The Custom Content page includes a new column - Global. For an uploaded CSS file, selecting the check box in this column enables the CSS file to be applied globally across all sequences.

  • Multiple Renderer URLs. The Sequence Properties area in the Sequence Designer includes Apply Themes Dynamically, a new option to design form sequences to be displayed at different URLs with different branding while using a single instance of Forms Builder (Designer and Renderer).

  • The Forms Builder Version Number. The Forms Builder version number will no longer be displayed on rendered forms.

  • Updates in the Error Message Text Field. On the Settings page, HTML tags such as hyperlinks or "mail to" functionality inserted in previous versions in the Error Message Text field are no longer supported and will be cleared when the field is edited.

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