1.7.0 Is Now Available

Faculty Workload Management

July 2022

What You Should Know

Release Overview

In this release, we are pleased to share a significant improvement in efficiency for institutions with respect to faculty load validations.


July 28, 2022 - Faculty Workload Management 1.7.0 Available

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Release Highlight

Ability to Batch Process Load Validation for Teaching and Non Teaching Assignments

In prior versions of Faculty Workload Management, Administrators within the business office or academic unit could process load validations manually for each assignment. However, this process was not efficient for institutions with larger numbers of teaching and non teaching assignments. Therefore, in this release, Anthology Inc. is pleased to make a batch process for load validations available. Within this process, administrators can select multiple terms, positions, faculty and more to process loads within the priority they should be applied to the faculty. This feature will save institution's time in processing while maintaining priority within assignment processing.

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